The GDPR, IKOULA and you

Dear Clients,

This is certainly not a surprise for you, the GDPR will come into force on 25 May next.
Because your trust is important to us, here are some details about what we are putting in place around this new regulation and its consequences for our service.

1. How has IKOULA prepared for the GDPR?

IKOULA is a founding member of CISPE, the association which is working to develop a code of conduct for hosting providers so that they meet the raised standards of the GDPR.

In addition, we are preparing for the GDPR to ensure that, as of 25 May, the way you store data on our servers will comply with the applicable regulations and therefore, with the GDPR: this has involved an in-depth review of our practices, to ensure that we always provide you with the best service, at the best price.

2. What impact will the GDPR have on your relationship with IKOULA?

Basically, nothing changes: you can continue to use our services as smoothly as you did before. However, in order for our relationship to comply with legal and regulatory requirements, we have specified, in accordance with the recommendations of the CNIL, the conditions under which we host your data. You can read the document here. It is this document in particular that you would have to present to the relevant authorities, if such a request were made to you.

3. In concrete terms, what is IKOULA doing for me within the framework of the GDPR?

In summary, IKOULA is committed to:

  • implementing a high level of security for our services: it is up to you, however, as the data controller, to ensure that you take security measures that are suitable for the categories of processing you implement: if your data are very sensitive (because, in particular, they present a risk to the freedoms or privacy of the persons concerned), it is up to you to choose the appropriate security systems
  • processing data only for hosting and backup purposes if you have subscribed to the latter service
  • ensuring a high level of confidentiality within our services: your data is your data and there is no reason for us or any other person to access or read it without your permission. If a security breach is detected, we will notify you so that you can take the necessary measures
  • informing you in the event that we have recourse to a subcontractor: IKOULA does not subcontract any hosting services at present and if this should become the case, you will be the first to be informed
  • hosting your data in the European Union or in a country recognised by the European Commission as having a sufficient level of protection (unless you have chosen to host your data in a country that does not have a sufficient level of protection)

In other words, we make sure that the hosting of your data is well secured within the framework of the GDPR and that your relationship with IKOULA complies with the GDPR.

This type of regulation supports our vision of hosting. We thank you for your confidence in us!